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10 Top Tips for finding that dream job

Posted in Candidates on Jan 16, 2018 by Keeley Edge

A new year usually means a new start for a lot of people. Reviewing career goals and embarking on the search for a new job is up there with all the new year resolutions to lose weight and get fit.

Looking for a new job can be a daunting task, so here are our 10 Top Tips for increasing your chances of securing not only just a job but the job you really want in 2018.


Carefully prepare your CV – even if you have limited experience, a CV that is presented well and includes educational experiences and transferrable skills can help you to get your foot in the door. Don’t forget to get it checked by at least a couple of people before you send it out – spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, limited information and bad formatting are all things that can get you rejected from the outset.

Include a Personal Profile – a CV has got to sell “You” before you get the chance to meet someone. An opening paragraph about yourself can draw the reader in. Bring yourself to life by saying a bit about what drives you and your goals. Not including a personal profile can be detrimental to your application.

Write a covering letter – these days, most applications are made online however most of the job boards/websites have the facility for you to include a covering letter. This is your opportunity to tell the recruiter why you are interested in that specific role. It’s true that not every recruiter will read a covering letter but if you don’t include one, you may be perceived as being lazy and be rejected even if you have the right experience.

Be prepared to receive telephone calls - if you are actively applying for roles or you have your CV on any of the databases i.e. Jobsite, Total Jobs etc, be prepared for telephone calls from recruiters and employers. That means answering every call you receive in a friendly manner and ensuring that your voicemail is activated with a professional recorded message. Being abrupt, vague or casual could ruin your chances of securing that dream job. Always be open to every opportunity.

Meet recruitment companies – we hear lots of stories about candidates being poorly treated by recruitment companies, but the fact is that many employers use a recruiter to attract and shortlist potential candidates for their vacancies. There are many good recruiters out there who will support you in your job search, so don’t fall short by being dismissive, they could just hold the key to the right door. Treat any meeting you have with a positive approach, just like an interview with a potential employer.

Prepare for interviews – if you fail to prepare, then be prepared to fail! Interviews can be nerve racking, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Try to get as much information as possible as this will help you. Many interviews include similar questions, so write down potential answers to help you answer confidently. A really good tip is to practice your answers by saying them out loud. This definitely helps with answering questions confidently.

Do your research – get to know the company before the interview. Where are they, how will you get there and how long will it take? What are their key products and services? Have they been in the news or reached a milestone recently? Who are their customers and competitors? This will help you throughout the interview, showing that you have done your homework.

Present yourself well - this is not just about what you wear to an interview, this is about how you present yourself every day. Of course, no matter what job you are going for, you should dress in smart and professional clothing. However, have you considered how you speak and the words you use, what about the attitude you display, or what does your image on social media sites say about you? Take a good look at yourself and ask yourself whether you would be happy hiring you. Being self-aware is the key to improving and creating that dream career.

Ask great questions – Don’t be tempted to ask questions about salary, holidays and hours as this doesn’t show that you are interested in the opportunity and can come across as “what’s in it for me”. Instead ask things like “How can new employees become familiar with, and begin to contribute to, the culture you’ve developed here?” or “What’s the most important way that your company differentiates itself from competitors?”.

Put the effort in – this is the most important thing when looking for a new job and it’s what will help you stand out from the crowd. You won’t get the job you really want by expecting things to be handed on a plate, you need to put lots of effort in. You are in charge of your own career, so make sure that you are always looking for ways that you can improve your skills. There are lots of resources online offering advice, tips and information to help you personally develop.

We hope that these 10 Top Tips will help you to secure the job you’ve always wanted. Good luck with your job search in 2018 and keep an eye out on our vacancies page for that dream job!

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