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Case Study: Successful Recruitment of an Application / Systems Engineer

Posted in Case Studies, Company News, Recruitment on Jul 18, 2023 by Keeley Edge

A Case Study of Technical Services UK Ltd partnering with Key Appointments UK Ltd for their recruitment.


Technical Services UK Ltd, a global provider of thermal management systems and solutions, sought to hire an Application / Systems Engineer to strengthen their technical team. After experiencing prolonged challenges with a specialist engineering recruitment company, they partnered with Key Appointments UK Ltd. This case study showcases how Technical Services UK Ltd successfully hired an Application Systems Engineer through Key Appointments UK Ltd, leveraging transparency via Trello and continuous interaction.


Company Background

Technical Services UK Ltd is a small yet ambitious and growing family-run business, based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. A provider of thermal management systems and solutions, Technical Services cater to the vehicle, transport, and power generation industries globally. To assist their growth plans, they identified the need for an Application Systems Engineer to enhance their technical capabilities and support their growing client base.


Challenges with a Specialist Engineering Recruitment Company

Technical Services initially engaged a specialist engineering recruitment company to find a suitable Application Systems Engineer. However, the recruitment process extended beyond two months and did not yield the desired results, with the recruitment company struggling to identify qualified candidates who met the specific needs and requirements of the company and role.


Partnership with Key Appointments UK Ltd

In search of a more effective solution, Technical Services partnered with Key Appointments UK Ltd who they had worked with in the past for their commercial recruitment needs. Known for their expertise in working with small to medium-sized businesses, Key Appointments offered a personalised and tailored approach, focusing on transparency, continuous interaction, and understanding of the unique requirements of Technical Services.


Creating Transparency through Trello

To enhance transparency and streamline the recruitment process, Key Appointments implemented Trello, a project management tool. Trello allowed both parties to collaborate seamlessly, tracking the progress of the recruitment journey, including candidate sourcing, screening, and interview stages. This centralised platform facilitated collaboration and provided real-time updates to ensure that everyone involved had visibility into the hiring process.


Sourcing and Screening Candidates

Key Appointments conducted a targeted search for qualified Engineer candidates. They utilised various channels, including CV databases, job postings, and direct outreach via LinkedIn, to identify potential candidates who matched the defined job and person profile.


Key Appointments' Expertise with Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Key Appointments focus on working with small to medium-sized businesses proved beneficial for Technical Services as the recruitment agency understood the unique needs, constraints, and dynamics of such organisations. This specialised expertise contributed to a more targeted and efficient candidate search and selection process.


Continuous Interaction and Skill Alignment

Technical Services maintained constant interaction with Key Appointments throughout the recruitment process. This ongoing collaboration facilitated a strong partnership, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the specific skills and qualifications required for the Application Systems Engineer role. Regular feedback exchange between both parties ensured that Key Appointments had a clear understanding of Technical Services requirements and helped refine the candidate search.


Interviews and Selection

With Key Appointments' support, Technical Services quickly progressed through the interview stage. Key Appointments arranged four interviews with the shortlisted candidates within a span of three weeks. Technical Services had the opportunity to assess the candidates' technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and compatibility with the company culture.

Successful Offer and Acceptance

Through the collaborative efforts of Technical Services and Key Appointments, the recruitment process resulted in a successful hire. After a comprehensive assessment of the candidates, Technical Services extended an offer to the most suitable applicant, who accepted the position of Application Systems Engineer. The successful candidate's engineering background and qualifications, problem-solving skills, and desire to work in a hands-on role within a smaller business made them the ideal fit for the Application Systems Engineer role with Technical Services.



Technical Services partnership with Key Appointments, combined with the implementation of Trello for transparency, proved to be a successful recruitment strategy in hiring an Application Systems Engineer. By leveraging transparency through Trello, maintaining continuous interaction, and benefiting from Key Appointments specialised focus on small to medium-sized businesses, Technical Services achieved a streamlined and effective recruitment process.

This case study highlights the significance of collaboration, clear communication, and the importance of partnering with a recruitment agency that listens and understands the unique needs of different businesses. Technical Services successful hire not only strengthens their technical team but also positions them for continued growth and success in the thermal management systems industry.

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