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Conveying Company Culture During Recruitment

Posted in Company Culture, Employers, Recruitment on Oct 13, 2021 by Keeley Edge

Recruitment is tough for both employers and candidates, so effective two-way communication is essential. One of the main ways a company can help to find the right fit for a role is to include their business aspirations at every stage of the process, from the job advert through to the interviews.

In a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 77% of employees said that they would take into account an organisation’s ethos before deciding whether to apply for a job. Furthermore, with the pandemic having placed greater importance on workplace wellbeing, candidates have become even more aware of looking for roles and applying to companies that reflect their own values and interests.

The Benefits of Promoting your Business Values

Not only can including your values help attract the right candidates, but it can also have a long-term positive affect once your new recruit begins their role. Business expert Arianna Huffington has compared company ethos to an immune system which, if looked after, can keep a business ‘healthy’.

The recruitment process is also an ideal time to reflect on exactly what’s important to your company, which direction you see yourself heading in, and whether there have been any changes (particularly after the pandemic). This information can then be used in job adverts and interviews.

Staff retention rates are also a lot higher in those companies that actively promote their values within their teams. You may already have information on your website or in your marketing materials about your values, so repeat these ideas across your recruitment resources too.

How to Communicate your Company Culture

When it comes to including your values in the job advert and role description, choosing the right words and phrases is crucial. Consider the difference between describing yourself as a ‘dynamic, innovative company’ compared to a ‘close-knit, client-focused team’, and what kind of candidates would be attracted to each description. Try to identify three key terms to sum up your business.

Once you’ve included your company values in your job advert, reiterate these during interviews by asking specific questions. For example, asking candidates to give an example of a time they responded to a certain situation will give them the opportunity to demonstrate their mindset, approach and behaviour, which you can evaluate to see if they would suit your organisation.

Having hired your dream candidate, you need to ensure your ethos is included as part of the induction and training processes too. Demonstrating that the business puts into practice what it preaches will help your new employee feel more comfortable and understand what is expected of them from the start, which in turn will increase the likelihood of them integrating and staying.

Getting Recruitment Right First Time

Having helped a wide variety of companies with recruitment over the years, our team at Key Appointments understand the challenges of finding the perfect candidate. Find out more about how we support employers or get in touch with us on 0844 504 4666 /

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