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Identifying and Communicating Your Unique Selling Proposition

Posted in Candidates, Recruitment, Training & Development on Dec 03, 2021 by Keeley Edge

How you come across before and during a job interview depends largely on the way you present your unique selling proposition. Job descriptions are rapidly evolving, and employers are actively looking for distinguishable value propositions from job seekers that demonstrate impressive combinations of technical expertise and cross-functional skills. Employers need to be convinced you can add real value to their business, so when they ask, “why should we hire you?” – you should always have your answer prepared.

What Is A ‘Unique Selling Proposition’?

The term ‘unique selling proposition’ first became popular in marketing and has traditionally been used by businesses to market their products in the face of stiff competition. In the same way as products are marketed to consumers, candidates hoping to stand out in a competitive job market must market themselves to employers. If candidates applying for the same position all possess similar qualifications and experience, why would an employer choose you unless you have something different to offer?

Consider the skills, knowledge, and experience that you yourself possess, and think carefully about how this unique combination of factors could have a significant impact on the employer’s business. If you can recognise even one exceptional characteristic that sets you apart from the crowd, you can incorporate this into your marketing strategy (your cover letter, CV, and interview preparation) and give yourself a strong advantage over other candidates.

What factors could be worked into your unique selling proposition when applying for a position? Here’s a handful of examples:

  • A desirable level of knowledge about the job gained through relevant work experience or shadowing an employer
  • A professional qualification related to the specific industry or a higher education qualification
  • Any relevant volunteering experience which has developed your transferable skills
  • A sponsorship or an award in recognition of effort or achievement
  • A previously held position of responsibility, such as a university society role or a course representative
  • An example of resilience, such as overcoming personal challenges

How To Demonstrate Your Unique Selling Proposition to An Employer?

Once you have determined your unique selling proposition, this acts as your golden wand to wave in front of prospective employers. Craft it into a clear and concise statement and make it shine by sharing relevant information and convincing evidence to back it up. Remember to balance your words with self-confidence and genuine humility. An employer will also want to know that you’re a grounded person who can work well in a team.

There’s a lot to consider when preparing for a job interview, from body language to building rapport, but your unique selling proposition should focus you, and the interviewer, on the core message that matters most.

We hope we have helped you to determine your competitive edge. Take a look at our previous blogs for further expert advice, visit our job vacancies page for current listings, or speak to our friendly team by phone 0844 504 4666 or by email:

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