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The Childcare dilema, how it could affect your business

Posted in Employers, Candidates on Jul 17, 2012 by Rejuvenate Productions

Parents and businesses in the UK are facing a difficult dilemma. It has never been an easy decision for parents to go back to work after a new member of the family has arrived and many parents now feel more pressure than ever to return to work.

Many new parents cite fears of juggling work and childcare as being their main concern when considering returning to work, whether it comes down to the cost of childcare or the logistics. Many parents struggle. One of the most recent suggestions has been to look at piloting a ‘Bring your baby to work’ scheme. This scheme currently runs in various locations around America and at present around 170 companies participate.

Will Humble, Director of the Arizona Health Agency comments that whilst the initial disruption can be disconcerting; "What we gain is a long term increase in our productivity and we build and continue to reinforce the commitment we have with our employees, which helps us in the long run to retain those critical employees that may have made another choice."

Understandably there are sceptics and whilst a ‘Bring your Baby to work’ policy may not suit all business models it may suit some.


The BBC recently filmed a pilot scheme through Minicab firm Addison Lee.

“After one week some of the parents could not keep up with their workload, there were screaming fits that disrupted calls and one important fare left waiting - but Managing Director Liam Griffin, who was initially a sceptic, admits there has been an upside.

There has been a lot of positivity around the programme as a whole, he says. The loyalty and enthusiasm from the other staff and the morale that's come with it and the uplift in that, that's had significant benefits."


Whether a ‘Bring your baby to work policy’ is a catchy gimmick or a sustainable childcare option one thing is certain. With over a quarter of women alone in the UK choosing not to return to work after their maternity leave ends, many due to childcare concerns a failure to support new parents with their childcare could prove costly for business.


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