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Top Tips for Managing Staff Remotely

by Keeley Edge

/ Company Culture, Training & Development, Workplace Wellbeing

During the pandemic, remote working became the only way for many businesses to stay open and for staff to retain their jobs. But what was initially introduced as a temporary solution has quickly become the new normal, with employers and employees alike recognising the benefits. However, remote working has also brought challenges, including how to manage staff efficiently. Supervision, access to information, new technology and mental health are all areas of concern. Thankfully, there are many ways managers can ensure their staff are supported while working remotely. Let’s look at three of the key ideas that managers can implement: practical provisions, prioritising communication, and promoting wellbeing.

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How to support new and existing employees in a COVID world

by Keeley Edge

/ Company Culture, Employers, Policies & Procedures, Recruitment, Training & Development, Workplace Wellbeing

There’s no denying that the 2020 pandemic has turned the world upside down. And while we might be getting tired of hearing phrases like ‘unprecedented’ and ‘new normal’, we can’t hide from the fact that things are different right now.

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Remove barriers through meaningful inclusion

by Keeley Edge

/ Company Culture, Employers, Employment Legislation, Workplace Wellbeing

As the world starts to right itself and the economy tries to recover following the last few months, many businesses are in the difficult place of looking at restructures and redundancies.

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A time for reflection and learning

by Keeley Edge

/ Company News, Employers, Workplace Wellbeing

Tuesday 17th March was probably the day when it sunk in for me that the UK was indeed going to be hugely affected by COVID-19. It was the day that everything seemed to turn upside down at Key Appointments and it all seemed to happen within a couple of hours!

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Why you should offer flexible working when working remotely

by Keeley Edge

/ Company Culture, Employers, Policies & Procedures, Training & Development, Workplace Wellbeing

Sounds strange doesn’t it?! Surely employees working remotely are working flexibly. After all, they are getting to stay at home, probably sat in their PJ’s with a laptop on their knee – right?!

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Work effectively from home by "zoning"

by Keeley Edge

/ Candidates, Employers, Workplace Wellbeing

If you are now in the stage of working from home, you may be having to evolve into this physical and emotional space, acclimatising to this new style of working.

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Are your employees stressed?

by Keeley Edge

/ Employers, Workplace Wellbeing

Stress-related absences are becoming increasingly prevalent in all industries, and although many organisations are putting measures in place to address this, there is still a long way to go.

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