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5 ways employees can boost your employer branding

Posted in Employers on Dec 13, 2018 by Keeley Edge

In our recent article about how to improve employer branding, we looked at things you can do as an employer. However, your employees are also a key part of your employer branding. If your employees are invested in helping you attract more of the right people to your company, your recruitment initiatives will be more successful. Here are 5 ways your employees can boost your employer branding.


The internet is a powerful source of information and a place that many people turn to before making decisions. Whether buying a product, choosing a hotel or booking a restaurant, people often go online to find reviews first. This is also true for employment. Many candidates turn to sites such as Glassdoor to get an insight into what it’s like to work for a company before deciding whether to apply. These sites give visitors information on the recruitment process, the induction and the experience of working for a company. Encourage your employees to leave positive reviews that give new applicants an understanding of the culture within your organisation. 

Content creation

Utilise your employees by getting them involved in content creation. Ask them to create blog posts about recent projects they’ve been involved with, a typical day in their role or their journey with the company so far. Create videos showing employees at work, talking about their successes or saying why they love working for your company. These are not only great for attracting candidates, but they also show your clients and potential clients what a fantastic company you are.

Celebrate success

When employees achieve awards, complete certifications or gain promotions, they should be sharing these successes and so should their colleagues. Encourage a culture whereby colleagues celebrate each other’s successes publicly and congratulate each other, whether that be on social media or through other channels. They should also be sharing company successes online and through word of mouth. This shows that your employees are proud of the company’s achievements and actively support each other.

Spread the word

When you are recruiting, ask employees to share job adverts across their social media pages and within their personal networks. Your current employees will be aware of what type of person is most suited to the role and who will be the best fit for the company. Utilise their networks. Even if they don’t know anyone suitable, they will be creating a buzz about what a fantastic company you are and word will spread, enforcing your own efforts in building a strong employer brand.

Social media

Encourage your employees to engage with your social media pages by commenting on and sharing your content and contributing their own content. If you’ve had a team-building day or social event, ask them to write a comment about what a great time they had and how much fun it was. Ask them to share stories on their own social media pages about recent training events they’ve attended or projects they’ve enjoyed working on. Provide social media training and ensure you have a clear social media policy so that employees feel confident posting work-related content. 

Your employees are your biggest advocates when it comes to recruiting. Even if you are offering a highly-attractive salary and benefits package, a candidate may still be put off if they hear negative feedback from your current employees. If you invest in employee engagement, you’ll not only have a more productive workforce; you’ll also attract quality candidates when recruiting. Make sure your employees are engaged in the brand and promote your company in the best light.

If you’d like more advice on employer branding or need help attracting and retaining the best talent, then get in touch with the Key Appointments team. We are experts in matching the right people to the right roles and the right roles to the right people. Contact one of our friendly consultants to find out more.

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